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GCT 2003年考试试卷及答案 --第四节 外语运用能力测试题




Part One Vocabulary and Structure



In this part there are ten incomplete sentences, each with four suggested answers. Choose the one that you think is the best answer. Mark you answer on the Answer Sheet b drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the brackets.

1.  The news currency will get into _______ soon.

   A. circuit                            B. circulation

   C. circular                                                D. circle

2.  Shortage of capital is the main factor that _______ economic development.

   A. holds out                                              B. holds on to

   C. holds back                                           D. holds on


3.  The captain of the ship _______ the passengers that there was no danger.

   A. assured                                                B. ensured

   C. secured                                                D. insured

4.  Many old people in the cities find themselves unable to get used to the rapid _______ of city life.

   A. rate                                                      B. speed

   C. step                                                     D. pace

5.        The first Olympiad is said to have consisted _______ of a 200-yard foot race near

the small city of Olympia.

   A. nearly                                                  B. completely

   C. merely                                                 D. identically

6.  The issue _______ at the conference is very important and it will create a sensation nationwide.

  A. discussed                                               B. being discussed

  C. is being discussed                                   D. has been discussed

7. The extensive survey suggested that their assumptions _______ totally wrong.

  A. were                                                      B. be

  C. was                                                       D. would be

8. Undoubtedly, _______ wins the election is going to have a tough job getting the

economy back on its feet.

  A. anyone                                            B. who

  C. whoever                                                D. everyone

9. If they had sent a check to the telephone company last week, their telephone

_______ out of service at this moment.

   A. will not be                                            B. will not have been

   C. would not be                                        D. would not have been

10. Millions of Americans flock to their drugstores to buy vitamins and minerals,

            that these pills can help prevent serious illnesses.

   A. convincing                                            B. convinced

   C. to convince                                          D. to be convinced


Part Two Reading Comprehension



    In this part there passages and one weather forecast followed by questions or unfinished statements each with four suggested answers choose the one that you think is the best answer. Mark your answer on the Answer Sheet by drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the brackets.

Questions11-15are based on the following passage:

Elephants who pant aren’t new . Paintings by Ruby , an Asian elephant who lived at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, sold for up to 5,000 in the late 1980s, said Dick George, a consultant with the zoo.

“Ruby was about seven months old when the first came to the zoo,” said George. “She lived with a goat and some chickens, but she didn’t have an elephant companion for a number of years. She spent a lot of time drawing in the dirt with a stick to make her days more stimulating. Her keeper bought her some art supplies.”

George said ,”Ruby was excited about painting right from the beginning.”

The elephants at the art academies in southeast Asia are taught to hold a paintbrush with the tip their trunks .Initially, the keeper guides the elephant’s trunk over the canvas (画布)and offers rewards for good performance.

“It only takes a few hours to a day to teach them,” said Mia Fineman , an art historian whose book When Elephants Paint is an illustrated history of the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project.

11.Ruby was an Asian elephant          .

A.     who was sold for a price as high as 5,000

B.     who was famous for being the first painting elephant

C.     whose paintings sold for as high as 5,000

D.     who started painting in the late 1980s

12.Why did Ruby start painting according to Dick George?

A.     Because she was seven years old.

B.     Because she was the first to come to the zoo.

C.     Because she learned a lot from the goat and the chickens.

12.How did Ruby paint at the very beginning?

A.     She used a stick to draw in the dirt.

B.     She spent much time in the dirt.

C.     She stimulated herself every day.

D.     She painted with her keeper’s art supplies.

14.To encourage the elephants to paint well, the keeper       .

A.     bought them a lot of art supplies

B.     made them excited at the beginning

C.     taught them to hold a paintbrush with their trunks

D.     reinforced the desired behaviors with rewards

15.when Elephants Paint is a book         

A.     on the history of arts

B.     about the painting elephants in Asia

C.     explaining how to teach elephants to paint

D.     chiefly theorizing about elephant art


 Questions 16-20 are based on the following passage:

While it is true that Americans believe climbing the educational ladder leads to success, they are less certain that intellectual achievement is the only important factor leading to success . A competitive personality is seen as important to success , especially in men . The development of social and political skills are also considered to be very important.

To help Americans develop these other important skills , schools have added a large number of extracurricular (课程外) activities to daily life at school . This is especially true of high schools and colleges and extends down into elementary schools as well .

Athletics , frequently called “competitive sports ,”are perhaps the most important in teaching students , particularly boys ,the “winning spirit ,” At times , athletic teams seem to become more important to some students and their parents than the academic programs offered by the schools .

16. Americans believe that education is          

A.     the only way to success

B.     the main purpose of the schools

C.     just like climbing ladders

D.     important to success

17.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as important to success?

A.     intellectual achievement

B.     competitive personality

C.     social backgrounds

D.     social and political skills

E.      18. A variety of extracurricular activities are added in American schools llectual achievement

F.      competitive personality

G.     social backgrounds

H.     social and political skills

18. A variety of extracurricular activities are added in American schools          

  1. to help students climb the education ladder
  2. to enrich students’ dull life at school
  3. to help students become more successful in later life
  4. to extend college education down into elementary schools

19. Athletic activities are designed          .

  1. to make boys stronger
  2. to teach students winning spirit
  3. to develop students’ social and political skills
  4. to improve the academic programs

20. Which of the following can be the best title for this passage ?

  1. Education and Success
  2. Extracurricular Activities at School
  3. Athletic Sports
  4. Intellectual Achievement


Questions 21-25 are based on the following passage :

People once widely believed that intelligent life existed on Mars . The 19th-centruy discovery of what appeared to be geometric designs cut across the surface was taken as evidence. The lines were thought to have been a system of canals that had been built to irrigate the surface. It is now clear that the “canals” ---perhaps the most spectacular geologic features of Mars – are natural valleys where ancient rivers once flowed.

Another fragmented idea concerns the planet’s seasonal changes in color. Once attributed to the rapid spread of some life-form, these shifts are now known to develop from the movement of fine dust in the atmosphere.

By the close of the 20thcentury none of the many experiments conducted by spacecraft had ever found persuasive evidence of life. Nevertheless, speculation continued over the existence of some form of life ,in either the present of past. In 1996 scientists discovered organic compounds and minerals in a meteorite (陨石),consisting of Martian rock, that collided with Earth around 11,000 B.C. These compounds suggest that Mars may have been inhabited by organisms more than three billion years ago.

21. Why did people in the 19th century believe the existence of intelligent life on mars ?

A.     Because the surface of Mars seemed to be geometric.

B.     Because the lines were drawn across the surface of the planet.

C.     Because a system of canals was thought to be there.

D.     Because it was the Martians that built the canals.

22. The “canals” on Mars have proved to be        according to the passage.

A.     the minor geologic characteristics of Mars

B.     natural valleys on the surface of Mars

C.     rivers that have kept flowing since ancient times

D.     a system that irrigates the whole surface

23.What are the Mars’ seasonal changes in color believed to be ?

A.     The natural changes on the planet.

B.     The seasonal cycles .

C.     The movement of some life form .

D.     The storm of dust in its atmosphere.

24. How is the 1996 discovery related to the possible existence of organisms on Mars?

A.     The meteorite containing organic compounds is part of Mars.

B.     A Martian rock struck Earth about 11,000 years ago.

C.     The organisms came back to life after the collision with Earth.

D.     The inhabiting organisms appeared more than three billion years ago.

25. How many arguments in this passage lead to the belief of the existence of life on Mars?

A. Tow          B. Three              C. Four               D. Five

Questions 26-30are based on the following weather forecast:



Mostly fair. 88-700F.


Mostly cloudy. 68-500F.


Partly cloudy. 78-610F.

New Orleans:

Mostly fair. 92-730F.


Thunderstorms likely. 82-670F.


Hazy and warm. 90-680F.


Mostly cloudy. 84-680F.


Sunny and warm. 99-660F.


Thunderstorms likely.91-750F.


Partly cloudy. 81-640F.


Rain likely.53-430F.

St. Louis:

Thunderstorms likely. 86-700F.


Partly cloudy. 90-780F.

San Francisco:

Mostly fair. 73-600F.

Kansas City:

Thunderstorms likely. 73-600F.


Mostly fair. 74-500F.

Las Vegas :

Sunny and warm. 93-560F.


Rain likely. 83-680F.

Los Angeles:

Mostly sunny. 88-600F.


Partly cloudy. 88-720F.


Partly cloudy. 88-790F.




26. According to the forecast,            

  1. Kansas City will be warmer than Toronto
  2. Temperatures will be the lowest in Seattle and Minneapolis.
  3. The weather will be fine in most of the listed cities.
  4. More than half of the listed cities are cloudy or rain likely

27. Among the following four cities. The difference between the afternoon high and the evening low is smallest in         

  1. Kansas City
  2. Miami
  3. Atlanta
  4. Seattle

28. Which of the following cities is closest to Miami in weather conditions?

  1. Boston.
  2. Atlanta.
  3. Washington.
  4. Houston.

29. The difference between the afternoon high and the evening low is greatest in       .

A.     Seattle

B.     Los Angeles

C.     Las Vegas

D.     Phoenix

30. The differences between the afternoon high and the evening low are the same in .

E.      Seattle

F.      Los Angeles

G.     Las Vegas

H.     Phoenix

30. The differences between the afternoon high and the evening low are the same in       

A.Chicago. Dallas, Kansas City, and St, Louis

B. Atlanta, San Francisco, New Orleans ,and Seattle.

C.Cleveland, Dallas, St, Louis, and Washington.

D.Pittsburgh, Miami, Houston, and Boston.


Part Three     Cloze


For each blank in the following passage, choose the best answer from the choices given below. Mark your answer on the Answer Sheet by drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the brackets.

In November of 1992, President Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip in Mississippi. His hunt was going     31    that day, and he couldn’t seem to find anything worthy of    32    his rifle . Then his staff captured a black baby bear for the President to shoot, but he could not . The thought of shooting a bear that was tied to a tree did not seem sporting, so he   33    the life of the baby bear and set it free.

Based on this story, a famous political cartoonist for the Washington Star drew a cartoon. Which showed Teddy Roosevelt, rifle  the life of the baby bear and set it free.

Based on this story, a famous political cartoonist for the Washington Star drew a cartoon. Which showed Teddy Roosevelt, rifle   34    ,with his back turned on a cute (可爱的) baby bear. Morris Michtom, owner of a Brooklyn toy store , was   35  

By the cartoon to make a stuffed baby bear. Intending it only as a display. He placed the stuffed bear in his toy store   36   , and next to it placed a copy of the cartoon from the newspaper. To Michtom’s surprise, his store was flooded by customers     37    to buy . He asked for and received President Roosevelt’s    38    to sue his name for the hand-sewn bears that he and his wife made ,and the “Teddy Bear” was born! Michtom was soon manufacturing Teddy bears    39    the thousands. The money from the sale enabled him, in 1903, to    40    the Ideal Toy company.

31. A. hastily               B. poorly          C. punctually                     D. steadily

32.A. supporting          B. opening                 C. shouldering                   D. firing

33.A. spared               B. protected             C. saved                            D. checked

34.A. in his hand          B. in the hand           C. in hands                        D. in hand

35.A. encouraged        B. inspired                 C. urged                            D. pictured

36.A. window             B. door                    C. table                             D. counter

37.A. eager                 B. reluctant               C. interested                      D. straight

38.A. order                 B. permission            C. argument                D. file

39.A. at                       B. of                         C. by                                 D. for

40.A. sell                     B. change                 C. form                             D. invest



Part Four    Dialogue completion                  


There are ten short incomplete dialogues between two speakers, each followed by four choices marked A, B,C, and D, Choose the answer that appropriately suits the conversational context and best completes the dialogue. Mark your answer on the Answer Sheet by drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the rackets.

41. Karen: Hello. Could I speak to Justin, Please?


A.     Yes, you could.

B.     Speaking.

C.     Who are you?

D.     Speak, Please.

42. speaker A: Well, it’s getting late. Maybe we could get together sometime.

Speaker B:       

A.     sounds good. I’ll give you a call

B.     Take it easy

C.     Nice to see you back

D.     Yes, I’ve enjoyed it

43. Jack: Hey. how are you, Susie? Gee, we haven’t seen each other in …it must be close to three years!


A.     How do you do ?

B.     Nice to meet you.

C.     Fancy meeting you here.

D.     Well, French fries.

44. Waiter:      ?

 Customer: Yes, I’ll have a cheeseburger, medium rare, with French fries.

A.     What do you want to eat

B.     Have you decided what to have yet

C.     Excuse me , are you ready to order now

D.     Excuse me , but who’s like to order

45. Speaker A; I’ve got a fever and a really bad headache.

  1. Why are you so careless about yourself?
  2. This kind of thing happens to everyone.
  3. You should take good care of yourself.
  4. Oh, that’s too bad. Why don’t you take some aspirin?

46. Man: That’s a beautiful dress you have on !


A.        Actually, I don’t like it very much

B.         Oh, thank you. I just got it yesterday

C.        Yes, I think so

D.        No. it’s not that beautiful . Yours is better


47. Speaker A: Mind if I call you Albert?

Speaker B:       

A.     Yes, just call me A1

B.     Yes, you may do that

C.     Of course not. But just plain “A1”will do

D.     OK. Everyone does

48. Student A: May I use your computer this afternoon?

Student A: I’m sorry, but I have to finish typing this term paper today.

Student A:       .

A.     Do as you please

B.         It doesn’t matter

C.         Thank you just the same

D.         Never mind

49. Nancy: Have you heard about Dana? She is going to get married with Graham!


  1. You’re kidding!
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Is it a real thing?
  4. Good luck!

50. Grandpa: Robbie, we’ll go fishing soon, and we’ll take your dad with us.

   Grandson: I’m ready, Grandpa.        

  1. You name the day
  2. Enjoy yourselves
  3. You can’t miss it
  4. Take your time

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